July 29, 2011


Today we are introducing Lovestruck choker necklace. It is consisted of a fine sterling silver chain and a tiny heart shaped charm.

Heart charm is made from organic and recycle material, precious metal clay (PMC).

Handmade with love in our studio!

July 27, 2011


Could not be more excited to share our newest choker necklace, Starstruck, with you today. The tiny star charm is the cutest thing.

I find chokers work so well by layering them with longer necklaces. They simply create a new outfit accessory.

Stay tuned for more choker necklace line from Cosette!

July 25, 2011


Click here and here of the source
Click here for the source

Shapes such as geometric shapes and mineral stones are quite fascinating. They are true inspirations behind this piece, Prism.

I personally prefer a very long chain necklace, but since this piece is not too small or not too big, I made the chain right just below the chest line.

More photos will be added soon. Please check back often!

July 21, 2011

Letter stamps and Vintage coins

Click here for the source
Click here for the source

Click here for the source

Went to Tokyu hands last weekend to get letter stamps for new necklace design.  I've always loved stamps especially postal stamps on postcards and letters. So, I got to experiment on metal clay with stamps recently.

I'm also inspired by vintage coins, the patinas and the distressed looks on them. They are so fascinating!

Here is how the new necklace turned out. I included latitude and longitude of the locations of fascinating places. This particular one is Paris. I gave it a little distressed look to get the vintage coin feeling.

This is not a finalized piece. Please stay tuned for the completed version of the necklace.

July 19, 2011

Classic eternity

Meet the newest necklace, Classic eternity, from Cosette. It has a little twist around the edge.

It is one of our precious metal jewelry lines.

July 17, 2011

Orange Ice Tea

Went to Afternoon tea, one of my favorite cafes in Shinjuku, to meet my best friend from Thailand. I ordered orange ice tea. It was so perfect for a hot summer day. What is your favorite summer drink?

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.

July 14, 2011

Squares swing


Introducing Cosette's new Squares swing. The square pendants are handmade and carefully crafted from silver metal clay (PMC) in our studio.

Stay tuned for more precious metal jewelry line from Cosette!

July 13, 2011

Tweet Tweet

I'm happy to inform you that Cosette's twitter account is now up and tweeting! Don't forget to follow us for updates!

July 11, 2011

Dangling wires

Here's a sneak peek of Cosette's new Dangling wires. It is one of our sterling silver collections.

More to come, don't forget to check back often!