July 12, 2014

Concrete projects

Remember my last post about DIY concrete stool? Since I have some left over concrete mix from the last project,

I'm wondering what to do next with the concrete? I found these interesting concrete projects all over the internet.

Concrete coffee table sounds like a good idea!

image sources: concrete table via weekday carnival // concrete candle holders via homesick //

concrete coasters via a piece of rainbow // concrete diamond via a merry mishap

July 01, 2014

DIY: Concrete side table

You may have seen this DIY concrete stool everywhere on internet, guess what? I finally gave in and give it a try too!

If you follow the link here , you can find that the video instruction is pretty easy to follow.

I used a smaller bucket size than what it was being used in the video,

so I simply used 2 kg of concrete mix with approximately 2 cups of water.


I found that once you pour the water into the concrete mix, it will become pretty dense and a little difficult to mix,

so I used a small gardening shovel to make sure everything is all mixed.

Oh, and I suggest making a small hole in the middle of the mound, and then add the water into the

hole (as if you were making bread) it will make mixing so much easier!


The fun part is that once you get the water and concrete ratio just right,

the texture will be very much gelato-like, so easy to sculpt (I hope it makes sense!) and shiny.


That’s it for now. I hope my tips are somewhat helpful!