February 18, 2014

smitten x miles of light

Not long ago, I've discovered a lovely shop, miles of light, while browsing through my friend's blogrolls. This shop has the sweetest prints. I feel so refreshed just looking at them :)

visit the shop, here

February 13, 2014

Before heading out to get some valentine's chocolate for my hubby,

I have to share with you these creative diy valentine's day ideas.

heart face magnets from mer mag blog | Printable valentine's card via a pair & a spare

P.S. have you tried making an origami heart? you can write a hidden message inside too :)

February 03, 2014

Back in stock

Your favorite grip ring is now back in stock. This time, with a gold filled counterpart.

Which one do you prefer? sterling silver or gold filled?

February 02, 2014

Roasted brussel sprouts spaghetti

it's not common to find brussel sprouts at my local supermarket, i guess it's my lucky day! i roasted brussel sprouts in the oven for only ten minutes with olive oil, salt and pepper. i peeled the leaves because i want them to be super crispy when they come out from the oven!

while waiting for the brussel sprouts, i made the sauce for the pasta by roasting crushed garlics with olive oil and tiny bits of chilli. i love adding lots of anchovies in my spaghetti for an extra flavour. once the spaghetti was cooked, i threw it in the pan and started mixing them up then seasoned with salt and pepper.

i like to mix in brussel sprouts at the last minute so that it stays crispy :)

Bon app├ętit!