June 18, 2017

Another pop-up!

In case you couldn't make it to our last pop-up at Sugar Town, we are doing another one this month with EN Market at Lumine Ikebukuro.

When: June 19 - 29th, 2017

Where: Lumine Ikebukuro Prism Garden B1 [ MAP ]

April 19, 2017

Loire bracelet

Welcoming Spring and warm weather with the newest addition in our store! Loire bracelet is an open cuff bracelet and is adjustable. The bracelet has uneven layers, giving an illusion of wearing two bracelets, though wearing just one!

visit our online store to shop --> here

April 09, 2017

Loop earrings

If you are my instagram follower, you may have already noticed our Loop earrings (I'm on instagram too much lately!). I love pairing Loop earrings with cute hair buns like this and this.

They will be available in gold toned as well. Stay tuned :)

January 10, 2017

Style I Like

I have always love wearing dresses in the winter. When I saw this post on Garance Dore today, I couldn't help but to repost it. I love pairing flowy dresses with my favorite jackets or sweaters, so chic and so cozy!