November 15, 2012

Cross Crux Cross

This pair of Crux stud earrings was born from an inspiration of my new interest in Scandinavian interior design. I've been secretly in love with the simplicity and modern of Scandinavian decor, classic black & white color contrast, Scandinavian flags, and cross pattern blanket by Pia Wallen....just to name a few.

A darker (oxidized) version of Crux stud earrings will be available soon at Cosette. I'm sure you will love them! Please stay tune.

Thanks for all the love and support as always :)

Images: A . B . C . D . E


  1. i love those earrings. want! :)

  2. Such lovely pieces and stylish images! Thanks for your email and can't wait to see your pieces for giveaway :) xo akiko
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