January 19, 2016

Slow morning

Nothing comfort me like the smell of coffee and some light reading in the morning.

I believe no matter how hectic my schedule is, it is absolutely crucial for me to slow things down, just to take a deep breath, unwind and go offline for a bit - just a bit.

I have been on the go since the end of 2015 and doing non stop of this and that (christmas orders, jewelry class and two popup stores, crazy!). I, myself thought I could take it all at once, but my body just couldn’t handle all that.

So, this morning, I had some me time. I made myself a cup of coffee and caught up with some reading that I was supposed to do since the end of 2015.

It felt great and I’m ready to conquer my day aka catching up with work :)

Don’t forget to treat yourself some me time!



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