November 16, 2016

Places I visited in Toronto

I'm officially back in Japan for a few days now, but constantly missing Toronto ever since I get back. My trip to Canada was short, fun and so refreshing. It was nice to reconnect with old friends, see familiar faces again and also meet new friends!

I finally got a chance to visit shops and places I have always wanted to go. Here are places I recommend you visit if you travel to Toronto:


Likely General

Easy Tiger Goods

Crying wolf


Province Apothecary



The Drake Hotel

Hoof cocktail bar

Pizza Defina

Kitten and the bear (for buttermilk Scones, jams and tea)

Buk Chang Dong (for a quick Korean soon tofu)

Crown Princess (for a fine Chinese food)

Baddies (coffee)

Reunion Island Coffee

Cha time (bubble tea)

Gong Cha (bubble tea)




AGA Khan Museum

High Park


This is all I can think of right now, as you can see I love to eat :)

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